About East by Southwest

Since meeting at the William F Harrah College of Hotel & Restaurant Administration in UNLV, Chef Sergio A Verduzco and his partner and wife Hydi Lyn Verduzco have worked as a team with Hydi running the front of the house and Chef Sergio running culinary operations. Their career paths have run a parallel course with many positions at top notch properties under their belt.

East by Southwest is the culmination of their labor and vision. Since opening in 2002 East by Southwest has quickly risen to the top of the Durango restaurant scene, raising the bar and bringing innovation to Durango.
The menus at East by Southwest offer something for everyone. For seafood, sashimi & sushi lovers we offer a wide selection of line caught fresh fish including seasonal selections from sustainable fisheries all flown in fresh from around the world. Our talented sushi chefs craft creative sushi using varied and exotic ingredients that delight the senses. For meat lovers we offer the succulent American "Kobe" or "Wagyu" beef including free range Colorado Black Angus Beef, we also serve tasty poultry dishes using certified organic birds. Vegetarians and diners with dietary restrictions are not forgotten, with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes including many wheat free options available for them to enjoy.